Building Advanced Vue.js Applications

Read articles about building advanced applications with Vue.js and Vuex. The articles are mostly about advanced Vue.js techniques like Vuex best practices, renderless components, and other advanced techniques for structuring large scale Vue.js applications.

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Avoid Opaque Dependency Injection Techniques with Vue.js

We use Dependency Injection to achieve loose coupling. But loose coupling and Dependency Injection can make it harder to understand how our code works. It can make it more challenging to determine where a particular dependency is coming from...

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Context Aware Props in Vue.js Components

Recently I saw an interesting Tweet by Mark Dalgleish, about the idea of contextual defaults for React components. I was especially interested in this because I had to solve a similar problem only a few days before...

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Tight Coupling vs. Loose Coupling in Vue.js

When talking about loose coupling and tight coupling, often, the impression arises that tight coupling is something we always have to avoid. But this is almost impossible. What's essential is that we use loose coupling when bridging the gap between layers of our application...

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$refs and the Vue 3 Composition API

If you’re used to working with Vue 2 $refs and switch to the Vue 3 Composition API, you might wonder how to use $refs inside the new setup() method. In this article, we find out how to use the new ref() function as a replacement for static and dynamic HTML element references...

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Cut Your Nuxt.js generate Build Time in Half with context.payload

One of my freelancing projects is a Nuxt.js project powered by the headless CMS Storyblok. Because performance is critical, I decided to use Nuxt.js in generate mode outputs static HTML files for each page at build time. But because Nuxt.js needs to generate 1.000+ pages, the build time got long...

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