Building Advanced Vue.js Applications

Read articles about building advanced applications with Vue.js and Vuex. The articles are mostly about advanced Vue.js techniques like Vuex best practices, renderless components, and other advanced techniques for structuring large scale Vue.js applications.

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Vue 3 Composition API: ref() vs. reactive()

One of the first questions that arise when starting with the new Vue Composition API is ref() or reactive()? The initial instinct is to use ref() for primitives (Boolean, String,...) and reactive() for objects. But there is more to it...

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Premium Vue and Nuxt Templates for Web Apps and Sites

Suppose you're searching for high-quality Vue.js templates, I recommend you to take a look at the work of Creative Tim. In this article, I'll show you a list of handpicked premium templates to build Web Applications or Websites with Vue.js and Nuxt.js...

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Events and Callbacks: Parent/Child Component Communication in Vue

Props Down / Events Up is the standard paradigm for communication between parent and child components in Vue.js. React, on the other hand, uses callback functions instead of events. But why is using callbacks considered an anti-pattern in the Vue.js world? And what are the conceptual differences...

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Building Vue.js Applications Without webpack

In the good old times, creating a JavaScript-enhanced website was straightforward: create a .html file, add a <script> tag, write some JavaScript, and open the file in the browser. Nowadays, building web applications requires complex build toolchains, a node_modules directory with gigabytes of dependencies, and a complicated webpack configuration file...

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Group, Extract, Share: Working with the Vue Composition API

One problem with the Vue Options API is that it is hard to share stateful logic that relies on reactive variables. The Composition API offers us an excellent solution to this problem. In this article, we look at a possible workflow for efficiently building components and applications with Vue 3 and the Composition API...

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Partial Hydration Concepts: Lazy and Active

I am currently working on porting vue-lazy-hydration to Vue 3. With that comes the potential to make some significant improvements since Vue 3 has an API that allows controlling the hydration of VNodes. Working with the new APIs got me thinking about the general concept of hydration...

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Vue.js Feature Toggle Context Provider

Some time ago, I read a very informative article by Pete Hodgson about feature toggles. I'm thinking a lot about the Context Provider Pattern and the types of problems it can help solve, and it appeared to me as if feature toggles are one of the use cases where this pattern can provide a lot of o value...

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