Building Advanced Vue.js Applications

Read articles about building advanced applications with Vue.js and Vuex. The articles are mostly about advanced Vue.js techniques like Vuex best pratices, renderless components and other advanced techniques for structuring large scale Vue.js applications.

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Make your Vuex State Flat: State Normalization with Vuex

Listening to one of Full Stack Radio's latest episodes, I was very impressed by the expertise of Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify. Adam Wathan and Matt talked a lot about how global state is handled in the Netlify web application. Although the Netlify app is built with React and Redux when he spoke of his philosophy for structuring the global state of the app, it motivated me to think a little more about this topic in the context of Vue.js and Vuex...

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Vue.js Powered Data Model and Query Builder

I absolutely love the concept of reactive computed properties in Vue.js. So much so that I miss them in situations where I don't have them available. In this article, we will explore how to create reactive data models with all the features of regular Vue.js components such as computed properties...

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Separation of Concerns Re-Revisited

The more I read about React Hooks and the RFC for the Vue.js Composition API, the more I think about the early days of modern frontend frameworks like React and Vue.js...

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Vue.js Single File Component Factory

In my opinion, the best way to inject dependencies is via factory functions that take the dependencies as parameters. Unfortunately it is not possible to export factory functions from Vue.js Single File Components. According to the specification, the default export should be a Vue.js component options object...

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Accessible Custom Vue.js Select Component Part 2: Advanced

Today, we will follow the W3C guidelines, on how to build a collapsible dropdown, very closely, to create a solid custom form select Vue.js component that works well for both keyboard and screen reader users as well as people who use a mouse or their finger to browse the web...

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Building Vue.js UI Components With HTML Semantics in Mind

When building modern, component-based client-side applications, we often tend to forget about the foundations of web development: HTML and CSS. Sometimes we act as if the rules of writing semantic HTML are somehow no longer relevant. But the opposite is true...

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Working With Functional Vue.js Components

On my journey to find ways to improve the rendering performance of large scale Vue.js applications, I stumble upon functional components as a possible solution from time to time. But so far I've always found one or two reasons why I can't use them in my application...

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