I'm Markus Oberlehner,
a Web Developer working at karriere.at.

Open Source is my passion. I'm the creator of avalanche and node-sass-magic-importer.

Personal Projects

  • avalanche Is a modular, package based CSS framework.

    The avalanche framework establishes the foundation for a package based CSS workflow. avalanche provides building blocks for you to handpick and integrate into your workflow.

  • node-sass-magic-importer Is a custom node-sass importer for selector specific imports, node importing, module importing, globbing support and importing files only once.

    The node-sass-magic-importer module is available as a npm package.

Latest Articles

Acceptance Testing with Nightwatch.js and Cucumber.js Part 1: Setup

Nightwatch.js is battle tested and has proven to be a potent tool in the tool belt when it comes to running end-to-end tests. The combination of Nightwatch.js and Cucumber.js allows for writing powerful automated acceptance tests written in plain language (Gherkin) so every project stakeholder can read and understand the test definitions...

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