I'm Markus Oberlehner,
a Web Developer working at Akarion.

Open Source is my passion. I'm the creator of vuex-map-fields, vue-lazy-hydration and node-sass-magic-importer.

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Personal Projects

  • node-sass-magic-importer is a custom node-sass importer for selector specific imports, node importing, module importing, globbing support and importing files only once.

    The node-sass-magic-importer module is available as a npm package.

  • vuex-map-fields is a package which enables the usage of two-way data binding when using Vue.js in combination with Vuex.

    The vuex-map-fields module is also available as a npm package.

  • vue-lazy-hydration is a renderless Vue.js component to improve Estimated Input Latency and Time to Interactive of server-side rendered Vue.js applications. This can be achieved by using lazy hydration to delay the hydration of pre-rendered HTML.

  • avalanche is a modular, package based CSS framework.

    The avalanche framework establishes the foundation for a package based CSS workflow. avalanche provides building blocks for you to handpick and integrate into your workflow.

Latest Articles

Implementing the Builder Pattern in Vue.js Part 1: Listings

Recently I've seen a great talk by Jacob Schatz about Phenomenal Design Patterns in Vue. One of the patterns he mentioned in his talk was the Builder Pattern. I found his example very interesting, so it was clear to me that I had to experiment with this pattern myself...

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HTTP/2 Server Push with Netlify

Everyone I know who uses Netlify for the first time is blown away by its simplicity. But sometimes there are situations where we need to do some advanced server configuration in order to serve our web applications as fast as possible. But as I recently discovered, configuring advanced techniques like using HTTP/2 server push is also quite easy to set up with Netlify...

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The IoC Container Pattern with Vue.js

In this article we will experiment with implementing the IoC container pattern in Vue.js. The IoC container pattern is very popular in other languages and frameworks, but not so much in the JavaScript world – we'll also take a look at why that might be so...

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