I'm Markus Oberlehner,
a Web Developer working at Akarion.

Open Source is my passion. I'm the creator of vuex-map-fields, vue-lazy-hydration and node-sass-magic-importer.

Personal Projects

  • vuex-map-fields is a package which enables the usage of two-way data binding when using Vue.js in combination with Vuex.

    The vuex-map-fields module is also available as a npm package.

  • vue-lazy-hydration is a renderless Vue.js component to improve Estimated Input Latency and Time to Interactive of server-side rendered Vue.js applications. This can be achieved by using lazy hydration to delay the hydration of pre-rendered HTML.

  • node-sass-magic-importer is a custom node-sass importer for selector specific imports, node importing, module importing, globbing support and importing files only once.

    The node-sass-magic-importer module is available as a npm package.

  • avalanche is a modular, package based CSS framework.

    The avalanche framework establishes the foundation for a package based CSS workflow. avalanche provides building blocks for you to handpick and integrate into your workflow.

Latest Articles

Weekly Recap: TDD is dead

Last week I did go down the rabbit hole reading about TDD best practices and misconceptions. Everything began with a Twitter discussion about David Heinemeier Hansson's (old) article: TDD is dead. Long live testing...

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Vuex Data Model and Feature Module Strategy Part 2: Feature Modules

In this article, we extend the functionality of our very simple demo application from the previous article to display multiple paginated lists for the same content type. The paginated list feature module does not fetch any data itself but instead connects to the data model module. Doing so makes it possible to cache requests with the same query across feature modules to reduce the number of requests to your API and make your app feel snappy...

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