I'm Markus Oberlehner,
a Web Developer working at karriere.at.

Open Source is my passion. I'm the creator of avalanche and node-sass-magic-importer.

Personal Projects

  • avalanche Is a modular, package based CSS framework.

    The avalanche framework establishes the foundation for a package based CSS workflow. avalanche provides building blocks for you to handpick and integrate into your workflow.

  • node-sass-magic-importer Is a custom node-sass importer for selector specific imports, node importing, module importing, globbing support and importing files only once.

    The node-sass-magic-importer module is available as a npm package.

Latest Articles

Vue.js Form Validation with Vuelidate

In todays article we're going to build a simple contact form with inline validation powered by Vuelidate. One of the best features of Vuelidate is its relatively small footprint...

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Combining GraphQL and Vuex

In todays article, we're going to take a look at how we can combine GraphQL and Vuex to manage the state of a Vue application. But first of all let me say that the way we're going to integrate the Apollo GraphQL client into our Vue application is not the “official” way of how to integrate GraphQL into a Vue powered application...

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Form Fields, Two-Way Data Binding and Vuex

One of the most valuable features that Vue.js has to offer, is painless two-way data binding. By using the `v-model` directive, you can quickly set up two-way data binding on form elements...

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