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Using Testing Library jest-dom with Vitest

Vite brought super fast bundling and hot reloading to our regular dev workflow, and Vitest is doing the same for our testing workflow. So I'm mostly transitioning away from Jest in favor of Vitest. But there are a lot of amazing tools in the Jest ecosystem, and not of them can be easily replaced. Luckily, the Vitest API is mostly compatible with the Jest API...

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Test Smarter, Not Harder: Focus on Outcomes, Not Outputs

When we dive into the world of testing in programming, it's easy to get caught up in the numbers game—how many tests have we written? What's our code coverage? However, if we pause and consider the bigger picture, we realize that the true measure of success isn't the output; it's the outcome...

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Embracing Simplicity: The Rule of Least Power

When it comes to coding, sometimes less is more. This concept is encapsulated in The Rule of Least Power, a principle suggesting that for any given task, we should reach for the least powerful language or tool that gets the job done...

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