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Building Vue.js UI Components With HTML Semantics in Mind

When building modern, component-based client-side applications, we often tend to forget about the foundations of web development: HTML and CSS. Sometimes we act as if the rules of writing semantic HTML are somehow no longer relevant. But the opposite is true...

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Working With Functional Vue.js Components

On my journey to find ways to improve the rendering performance of large scale Vue.js applications, I stumble upon functional components as a possible solution from time to time. But so far I've always found one or two reasons why I can't use them in my application...

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Styling HTML Tables: How to Apply Margins, Borders and z-index on Table Elements

A long time ago there was practically no way around the HTML <table> element for creating complex layouts on the web. Fortunately, those days are long gone. Nowadays we only use the <table> element as it should be used: to display tabular data. However, only recently I was reminded again that styling tables is not as easy as one might think...

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Observable REST API with Vue.js

Just recently I discovered a rather new feature in Vue.js: Vue.observable. It is used internally in Vue.js to make the object returned by the data() function of a component reactive. In this article we'll take a look at how we can use this new feature to build a very simple reactive polling system for a regular REST API...

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Implementing the Builder Pattern in Vue.js Part 1: Listings

Recently I've seen a great talk by Jacob Schatz about Phenomenal Design Patterns in Vue. One of the patterns he mentioned in his talk was the Builder Pattern. I found his example very interesting, so it was clear to me that I had to experiment with this pattern myself...

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