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Using Testing Library jest-dom with Vitest

Vite brought super fast bundling and hot reloading to our regular dev workflow, and Vitest is doing the same for our testing workflow. So I'm mostly transitioning away from Jest in favor of Vitest. But there are a lot of amazing tools in the Jest ecosystem, and not of them can be easily replaced. Luckily, the Vitest API is mostly compatible with the Jest API...

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Using Mock Service Worker with Vitest and fetch

The JavaScript ecosystem has a lot to offer when it comes to testing. With the recent addition of Vitest we get the performance and convenience features of Vite for testing too. Mock Service Worker is an excellent mocking solution for mocking network requests in the browser and Node.js...

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TODO Timeboxing

Every couple of months, I reach a point where I have to declare TODO bankruptcy. The items on my TODO list are getting more and more, and I schedule more and more todos each day to get ahead. But obviously, that doesn't work—quite the opposite...

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Manual testing, E2E testing, unit testing – how to decide which testing strategy to use?

When we first start to dip our toes into the deep waters of automated software testing, all those different kinds of tests can feel intimidating. In this article, I give you a quick overview of the most crucial testing strategies. After reading this tutorial, you should have a much clearer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the different kinds of testing methodologies...

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Vue Project Directory Structure: Keep It Flat or Group by Domain

When starting a new project or refactoring an existing one, the question often arises: how to set up the project's directory structure. My first advice is to keep the folder hierarchy as flat as possible for as long as possible. But depending on the size of our project, there might be a time where we feel the need to add additional folders to organize our Vue components and other files...

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Vue Composition API: VueUse Composable Library

The Composition API makes it very easy to share code between components in our codebase or even across projects via npm packages. I recently stumbled upon the excellent VueUse library that provides us with a ton of valuable composables. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting ones...

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