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Fighting Procrastination

In the last couple of weeks, I'm not as motivated anymore to do all the things I have to, and I want to do. This led me to fall back into the habit of excessive procrastination...

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Variable Naming: Arrays and Booleans

To become a capable programmer, it is crucial to have systems that free you of the mental burden of thinking about all the little things while programming so you can focus on the big picture...

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$refs and the Vue 3 Composition API

If you’re used to working with Vue 2 $refs and switch to the Vue 3 Composition API, you might wonder how to use $refs inside the new setup() method. In this article, we find out how to use the new ref() function as a replacement for static and dynamic HTML element references...

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Super Simple Progressively Enhanced Carousel with CSS Scroll Snap

In this article, we explore how to create a simple carousel with only HTML and CSS. Recently, when I was reminded of the existence of the CSS property scroll-snap, I thought it should be easy to create a simple carousel component with it. After outlining a quick proof of concept in a simple HTML file, my assumption was confirmed...

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