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Weekly Recap: Single Parameter Object and Craftsmanship vs. Engineering

The last week was, on the one hand, a busy week and, on the other hand, a slow week when it comes to learning new things. One topic that comes up again and again in my daily programming work is the handling of function parameters: Is it a good idea to always use a single object as the only parameter for functions?

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Lazy Resolving Observable API Services with Vue.js

Although GraphQL is pretty cool and powerful, I also like the simplicity of good old REST API endpoints. Also, we often can't use GraphQL for everything because there is no GraphQL endpoint available. In this article, we take a closer look at how we can replicate one of the core features of GraphQL, which makes it possible only to load what is absolutely necessary, in a classic REST API-based application...

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Weekly Recap: Tight Coupling + Complexity = Errors

This week I thought a lot about two topics: reducing complexity and structuring your codebase and naming things. Recently I listened to an episode of 99% Invisible about what causes errors. Although this episode wasn’t specifically about programming, the basic idea very much applied to what we do in our daily jobs...

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Weekly Recap: TDD is dead

Last week I did go down the rabbit hole reading about TDD best practices and misconceptions. Everything began with a Twitter discussion about David Heinemeier Hansson's (old) article: TDD is dead. Long live testing...

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Vuex Data Model and Feature Module Strategy Part 2: Feature Modules

In this article, we extend the functionality of our very simple demo application from the previous article to display multiple paginated lists for the same content type. The paginated list feature module does not fetch any data itself but instead connects to the data model module. Doing so makes it possible to cache requests with the same query across feature modules to reduce the number of requests to your API and make your app feel snappy...

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Thoughts about Utility-First CSS Frameworks

Many people, including me, are very skeptic about the utility-first approach of Tailwind CSS and other similar CSS frameworks like Tachyons. But I think it is essential to be open-minded about new ideas and techniques, especially if there's a bunch of people who like it...

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