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Super Simple Progressively Enhanced Carousel with CSS Scroll Snap

In this article, we explore how to create a simple carousel with only HTML and CSS. Recently, when I was reminded of the existence of the CSS property scroll-snap, I thought it should be easy to create a simple carousel component with it. After outlining a quick proof of concept in a simple HTML file, my assumption was confirmed...

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Simple Solution for Anchor Links Behind Sticky Headers

In my experience, customers love sticky headers. And indeed, they prove to be very useful in certain situations. But there are also terrible implementations of this pattern out there. And I cannot blame the developers who created them. Getting sticky headers right is harder than you might think...

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Lint Only Files with Changes on pre-commit

A few days ago, I remembered that at my former workplace,, we had a pre-commit hook bash script that executed ESLint and Stylelint, not on the entire repo, but only on files that were changed. Because that was pretty handy, I was looking into how I could have the same convenience for my projects...

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Telling a Story with Test Code

A few weeks ago, I wrote about naming unit tests BDD style using Given/When/Then. In this article, I have expressed the thought that I do not like to repeat information in the description and in the expect statement. After writing some tests the way I've described in this article, I noticed a couple of drawbacks...

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Cut Your Nuxt.js generate Build Time in Half with context.payload

One of my freelancing projects is a Nuxt.js project powered by the headless CMS Storyblok. Because performance is critical, I decided to use Nuxt.js in generate mode outputs static HTML files for each page at build time. But because Nuxt.js needs to generate 1.000+ pages, the build time got long...

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