Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap: Single Parameter Object and Craftsmanship vs. Engineering

The last week was, on the one hand, a busy week and, on the other hand, a slow week when it comes to learning new things. One topic that comes up again and again in my daily programming work is the handling of function parameters: Is it a good idea to always use a single object as the only parameter for functions?

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Weekly Recap: Tight Coupling + Complexity = Errors

This week I thought a lot about two topics: reducing complexity and structuring your codebase and naming things. Recently I listened to an episode of 99% Invisible about what causes errors. Although this episode wasn’t specifically about programming, the basic idea very much applied to what we do in our daily jobs...

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Weekly Recap: TDD is dead

Last week I did go down the rabbit hole reading about TDD best practices and misconceptions. Everything began with a Twitter discussion about David Heinemeier Hansson's (old) article: TDD is dead. Long live testing...

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