Naming Things

Telling a Story with Test Code

A few weeks ago, I wrote about naming unit tests BDD style using Given/When/Then. In this article, I have expressed the thought that I do not like to repeat information in the description and in the expect statement. After writing some tests the way I've described in this article, I noticed a couple of drawbacks...

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Naming Things: Staying in Line with the System

When multiple people are working together on a project, it is important to define some rules to make sure that everything stays tidy and chaos does not arise. How to name things is one of the areas in which there are always differences in opinion...

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Naming Your Unit Tests: It Should vs. Given/When/Then

For the most time, when writing unit tests, I favored the it should ... pattern for naming my tests. But time and time again, I noticed that when following this naming convention, I either had to write very long test cases or omit important information...

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