Code Splitting

Goodbye webpack: Building Vue.js Applications Without webpack

First of all, let me say this: webpack is excellent! Developing JavaScript applications would look quite different if it wasn't for webpack. But often, it feels pretty foreign to me, having to set up a quite complicated build process to build a rather simple JavaScript app...

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Setting up a Vue.js Project with webpack 4 and Babel 7

For my previous article about three different ways of how to structure a Vue.js application, I wanted to set up a build system which not only allows for regular JavaScript code splitting, but also CSS code splitting. Thanks to webpack 4 and the mini-css-extract-plugin (which basically is the successor of the extract-text-webpack-plugin), CSS code splitting is finally possible...

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Setting up a PWA with Vue, Vue Router and webpack Code Splitting

Today we will create a progressive web app (PWA) based on Vue.js with Vue Router, featuring code splitting with webpack. Luckily, building progressive web apps has never been easier. Thanks to the hard work of many wonderful people in the open source community, every major JavaScript framework comes with an effortless way of kickstarting a new PWA powered project via a simple CLI command...

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