Building the Berlin Skyline with LEGO

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Today I didn’t feel like programming so I decided to build the LEGO Architecture - Berlin set. I’ve made the experience that building a LEGO set can be quite relaxing and sometimes it can help to regain motivation for doing the important work you have to do.

I already built some sets from the LEGO Architecture series and I really like the little details they put into the sets. What’s also very nice about them is that you can build most of the LEGO Architecture sets in about under an hour which is really convenient if you’re just searching some distraction before going back to work.

Let’s get it started

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Unboxed

The instructions include some background information on the buildings that are included.

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Instructions

What a nice feeling to start building a LEGO set with joining the first bricks.

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Start building

Erecting the Berlin Wall

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Unboxed

The Reichstag

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Reichstag

Victory Column

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Victory Column

Deutsche Bahn Tower

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Deutsche Bahn Tower

The finished set

LEGO Architecture - Berlin: Built

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