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How To Fix Spacing Between Text Blocks When Using Tailwind CSS

Did you ever encounter the problem that the space between a text block and some other element does not seem right? For example, although we've added the same `mt-4` to a text block and some images, the space between text and image looks much larger than the space between two images. So instead of `mt-4` we try `mt-3`, but it just doesn't work out. This is because the same margin can look visually different if it separates text from some other element or two none text elements because the line height of the text block adds additional spacing...

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Using Testing Library jest-dom with Vitest

Vite brought super fast bundling and hot reloading to our regular dev workflow, and Vitest is doing the same for our testing workflow. So I'm mostly transitioning away from Jest in favor of Vitest. But there are a lot of amazing tools in the Jest ecosystem, and not of them can be easily replaced. Luckily, the Vitest API is mostly compatible with the Jest API...

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Using Mock Service Worker with Vitest and fetch

The JavaScript ecosystem has a lot to offer when it comes to testing. With the recent addition of Vitest we get the performance and convenience features of Vite for testing too. Mock Service Worker is an excellent mocking solution for mocking network requests in the browser and Node.js...

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