Creating a Responsive Alternating Two Column Layout with Flexbox

Last week a Tweet by Benjamin De Cock about how to achieve a two column layout with CSS Grid popped up in my timeline. This reminded me of my own journey of creating a two column layout featuring the image left / text right, text right / image left pattern, I've gone through very recently...

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The Ultimative Flexbox Based CSS Layout

Things are looking good on the CSS layout front. Flexbox can be used in all major browsers and CSS Grid Layout is almost at a point where browser support has reached a sweet spot – for some of us it might even be feasible to build production websites using CSS Grid Layout and some form of graceful fallback. Until the rest of us can also switch to CSS Grid Layout for good, we have to rely solely on Flexbox to serve all of our layout needs. But this is not a bad thing at all, Flexbox is pretty powerful by itself already...

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Building a Good Ol' 12 Column CSS Grid Framework with CSS Grid Layout

A framework is a tool to provide a solid fundament for building complex systems. By building your own CSS grid framework, we have a solid and - at least after some time - battle tested system to build on top on. After Flexbox we now have a second „official“ way of building CSS powered layouts. As I wrote in a previous article, many people argue, that those new tools make grid frameworks obsolete. Let's prove them wrong...

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