Dreaming of a Package Based CSS Workflow

CSS has quite a bad reputation among programmers of all kinds. CSS to many people is still about problems like seemingly impossible vertical centering, rendering issues across different browsers and unpredictable behaviour in general. Although the first two issues are solved since years and the last one is mostly a problem of developers not knowing the language. But there are new challenges coming up in the fast moving web development world...

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A (Final?) Look at Grid Frameworks

With CSS Grid Layout around the corner and Flexbox being broadly supported, it seems that the importance of grid frameworks is declining. Some people even say that Flexbox made grid frameworks obsolete. I disagree...

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Building avalanche 4.x.x

Up until a few years ago, most people didn't put much thought into „CSS architecture“ (I'm quite sure it wasn't even a thing). Around the year 2009 some sophisticated fronted folks (most notably Nicole Sullivan) started talking about concepts like OOCSS...

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